Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Salt & Pepper Grinder from Groovy Peppers Review

The Groovy Peppers mill delivers freshly ground spices and consistent restaurant quality results at an affordable price. 

Key Features: 

• Beautiful design and gourmet quality ceramic grinding 
• Sturdy high-quality stainless steel & clear acrylic
• Clear reservoir makes it easy to see when it’s time to refill
• Wide 1 ½ inch opening making filling up simple
• Easy to clean inside and out 
• Strong, sturdy and 8 ¾ inches tall - just right for the kitchen and dining table
• 100% lifetime money back guarantee – complete peace of mind

Professional results every time as you create authentic spice ingredients to 
transform every meal. The Groovy Peppers mill releases fresh flavors from 
spices, peppercorns and salt – putting the power to create authentic world 
cuisine in the palm of your hand.

Beautiful design combines strength with quality to make the Groovy Peppers 
mill perfect for your kitchen and your dining table. Creating subtle spice 
blends to capture the aromatic flavors of the world – looking fantastic and 
complimenting every recipe you create.  

Grinding spices, peppercorns and salt with ease, the adjustable ceramic grind 
creates restaurant quality results and a gourmet finish to every meal you 
create. Performance in the kitchen, style for your dining table – the Groovy 
Peppers mill brings fine dining and authentic international cuisine into your 

Designed to be as easy to use as it is beautiful and functional, intelligent 
design features make the Groovy Peppers mill a pleasure to use. The 
reservoir is secure but easy to open. A wide 1 ½ inch opening with no 
obstruction makes for easy filling and internal cleaning. 

The Groovy Peppers mill puts authentic flavors and restaurant quality food 
firmly on the menu.

Love this pepper grinder! It looks so fancy and it looks like I payed a lot for it. The design is super modern and just super nice to look at it. It's great quality. I know it's going to last for quit some time. I really love this thing! So recommend to anyone looking for a good pepper grinder.

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