Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just Natural Review


   I was able to get the chance to try some of the Just Natural products. I was so happy to know that all of their products are gluten free and vegan. I love that! They aren't like most companies that they take so many of the natural vitamins and nutrients that it would be destroyed in the end.
The Body lotion is amazing! It doesn't have much a scent but OMG it makes my skin feel so fabulous and smooth. I love using it after I come out the shower. When I wake up the next morning my skin is still silky smooth as if I just applied it.

Now when it comes to the leave in conditioner I wasn't to crazy about it. I have used some in the past that did a little bit of a better job but I can't complain because this leave in conditioner is way better for my hair then most other ones out their. 

I hated the smell. It's not a very pleasant one but it's not too strong nor not too smelly were you couldn't stand it. Most people are different so you probably wouldn't even notice it. I'm really sensitive to smell so that's why. Overall I did see some difference in the texture of my hair and it made it a little shiny too.
I would definitely recommend these products to anyone who is the market for gluten free and vegan products. 






Disclaimer: I received this absolutely free in return for a review. However these are all my honest and real opinions!

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