Friday, July 17, 2015

Elegant Frosted Roller Bottle

These metal balls have a perfect tight fit that won't ever leak. With the bottle inverted, the weight of the steel ball creates a seal preventing oil release. A quick shake allows the release of the oil for a smooth and even application every time.

- The durable brushed stainless steel cap screws on securely and protects your essential oils while maintaining an elegant look and feel.

- Certain oils & chemicals do not interact well with cheap plastic balls and possibly ruin the rolling mechanism. Stainless steel roller balls do not erode and will continue to roll on smoothly every time.

- Our luxurious glass bottles are not painted and will not scratch easily.

- Elegant cobalt blue frosted bottles have a deep rich and dark color to prevent light damage to sensitive oils.

I love these little bottles because I can put my favorite current perfume I'm using at the movement and have it on the go when I need to freshen up. 

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