Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elusive Dreams Sleep Mask with earplugs Review

Totally blocks out street lighting and sunshine when correctly fitted. You will feel relaxed and get a blissful night's sleep when you wear your Elusive Dreams sleep mask by Chiara Bella

THE MOST SOFT AND COMFORTABLE eye mask for sleeping ever made. Smooth satin exterior cover and lovely smooth and comfortable silk inside. Very lightweight and places absolutely no pressure on the eyes at all. Promotes a deep relaxing sleep

POPULAR WITH MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN. Our premium quality sleeping face mask is used extensively by shift workers looking to sleep at odd hours. Totally blocks out all light and allows you to enter a deep and satisfying sleep in no time at all

FEEL TOTALLY RELAXED in absolute darkness. The Elusive dreams sleep mask is perfect for travelling or while your partner reads in bed with the light on or watches television. You can relax in total darkness while taking an afternoon nap. BLOCK OUT all noise with our two bonus earplugs for a blissful sleep

PREMIUM QUALITY 100% GUARANTEED. If you are not totally satisfied with your Elusive Dreams sleep mask just contact us within 60 days for a full refund no questions asked. We stand behind our products one hundred percent and will always give you the choice of a replacement product or a refund

This sleep mask is awesome! It covers your eyes from the light and everything so perfectly. I love how it covers a little bit of your nose too so the light or what have you won't shine through

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