Thursday, October 9, 2014

Diana’s Bananas Review


At Diana’s Bananas, we do it right—making the finished product is a 14-step procedure that includes purchasing, testing, peeling, sizing, freezing and dipping—and you’ll taste the results of our hard work in every delicious bite!
Our team personally selects only fully ripe, creamy, sweet white bananas, which we quick freeze to -20 degrees fahrenheit. The result is an easy-to-bite banana with texture so smooth, you’ll think you’re eating ice cream.
After our quick freezing process, we dip the bananas in real bar chocolate. We never use chocolate flavored coatings or other inferior substitutes. The world’s best bananas deserve real chocolate—you do, too!

I loved these banana like Ice cream Popsicle
I was actually surprised because I'm not too crazy about bananas.
These are actually way better for you then regular Ice cream.
I really enjoyed the banana bites because they were so cute and conievent to eat.
 My Dad and siblings really loved them too. They always can't wait till desert time to have one of these yummy bad boys.

If your looking for a new more healthier alternative to Ice cream or desert in general I would definitively recommend these.



Disclaimer: I received this absolutely free in return for a review. However these are all my honest and real opinions! 


  1. These looks delicious! Two of my faves together banana and chocolate..������

  2. You are making me crave dessert!