Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dave's Gourmet Organic Red Heirloom Pasta Sauce Review

Dave's Gourmet is the result of Dave owning and managing a small restaurant called Burrito Madness near the University of Maryland. Late at night a number of Dave's patrons were usually drunk and troublesome. Quickly Dave discovered that if some of these drunks ate super hot hot sauce, then they either left or became extremely quiet. Since it worked out that the hotter the sauce, the faster drunk patrons left; Dave went on a mission to create the hottest sauce in the Universe. The end result of this mission was Insanity Sauce which Dave took to the National Fiery Foods Show in New Mexico. At the show the sauce made quite an impression and not just because of the straight jacket that Dave wore. In fact, Insanity became the only product ever banned for being too hot. Since that day over 13 years ago: Burrito Madness was sold, Dave set up Dave's Gourmet, Inc., and seventy other products have been added to Dave's Gourmet's offerings. 

A fresh tasting sauce featuring fresh garlic, fresh herbs and organic heirloom tomatoes that burst with flavor.  

This sauce was amazingly really good. It had a little sweet and spicy taste to it.
Me and my family loved it. They ate everything up when me and my sister cooked it.
I would definitely purchase this myself in the future.
What I love most about the sauce is that it was organic.

Check out how I prepared it:



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